Heritage Group Rauris Folk Dancers

For Generations the Heritage Group Rauris is a fixed component of the community of Rauris. Again and again the traditional dances were passed down to the young people who keep up the tradition.

The group consists of 8 girls, 10 boys and 2 players of the concertina. Since two years a small group of children accompanies the Heritage Group to bigger festivals. 


Evenings of the Heritage Group of Rauris 2024

05. July 2024Heimatabend 20.30 Uhr 
19. July 2024Voglmaierpark vor TVB Büro 20 Uhr 
26. July 2024Heimatabend 20.30 Uhr 
02. August 2024Voglmaierpark vor TVB Büro 20 Uhr 
09. August 2024Heimatabend 20.30 Uhr 
16. August 2024Heimatabend 20.30 Uhr 
24. August 2024Auftritt Heimatgruppe bei der Bauernherbst Landeseröffnung 
30. August 2024Heimatabend 20.30 Uhr 
07. September 2024Auftritt Heimatgruppe beim Hoffest Schwoagabauer
13. September 2024Heimatabend 20.30 Uhr